Friday, November 27, 2009

Job Scam - Interview Yahoo Messenger

So guys as you know I've been looking for a job recently and throwing out a lot of emails and my resume to apply to jobs on craigslist.  Well thing is it's somewhat pretty hard to tell what's real from fake.  So just to warn people cause I didn't see this one posted already.  Anyhow here is how it went.

Craigslist Ad.


Date: 2009-11-22, 3:50AM CST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

Imaging office assistants are needed for a manufacturing company.

Some data entry, basic clerical, maintain our systems and records.

Must have knowledge of Microsoft programs.

Position is opened to entry level, high school diploma and college degree.

  • Location: HOUSTON SUBURB
  • Compensation: $19-20 P/Hr
  • Telecommuting is ok.
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
  • Please, no phone calls about this job!
  • Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.

PostingID: 1477136853
So I dropped an email, and replied was....

Hello Applicant,            

  This is an online/work from home job, the Hiring Dept of the company has reviewed your resume and we believe you have the required qualifications for the job. Do you have a yahoo messenger on your computer? If not download one.   
  To proceed with this Data entry Clerk job position ,you must undergo an online interview  that will be conducted via yahoo messenger.

I want you to setup a yahoo messenger (IM) and Instant Message the Hiring Manager Mr Theodore Grant on his yahoo ID ( asap for the interview so you can get interviewed for the position.
This is a full-time job with benefits and the hours are great, get started with the online interview process and get back to me as soon as possible.     

Hiring Department
Mr. John David

So I thought, Yahoo Messenger eh, this is new.  Some screen process I suppose.  So I decided to play along.  And by the way, online/work at home is a big no no.  Should raise some flags.  Not saying they're all fake though cause I do know a guy who does gets paid a decent amount working at home.  Also another thing to look for is their signature.  Mr. John David is rather plain.  Usually a legit company has their company name as well as phone number or some sort.  So anyhow I message the guy.

chiggah4u: Hello Mr. Grant
Theodore Grant: How are you?
chiggah4u: I'm doing well.  How about yourself?
Theodore Grant: am great
chiggah4u: John asked me to contact you for an interview.  Is this an okay time?
Theodore Grant: pls give me 15 mins
chiggah4u: Yes sir.
Theodore Grant: i will be ready then
Peter Phan: Here.
Theodore Grant: shall we continue?
Peter Phan: Go ahead.
Theodore Grant: Well, let me introduce myself
Peter Phan: Ok.
Theodore Grant: I am Mr. Theodore Grant. The personnel manager to the firm THEO TECHNICAL ANALYSIS, INC
Theodore Grant: THEO TECHNICAL ANALYSIS, INC. is a United States baby firm which is just getting to a year old, seeking assistance with the work from home initiative to assist with clerical and administrative duties online pending the establishment of our New Outlets in Ontario and Calgary, Canada, New York and San Francisco, United Kingdom.
Theodore Grant: We are into Computer Peripherals Supplies. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of independent dialysis providers around the world by leveraging today's most innovative technologies to deliver a full spectrum of high-quality services to the business community.
Theodore Grant: THEO TECHNICAL ANALYSIS, INC. specializes in all kinds of Computer peripherals Supplies such as ATX case, Networking Routers, HDDX Compacts, satellite HDD Communicator, Computer Peripherals, CD-R Hard Drives, Memory Sticks and many more
Theodore Grant: am i communicating?
Peter Phan: Good.
Theodore Grant: The company's website for the Work from Home Unit under the Personnel Department is under a URL change and it involves a very high re-organizational process that requires bringing all our online staffs to log-online on the same Network with their staff ID.
Theodore Grant: You are reminded that all duties are strictly online, phone and via the Internet. Every activity about the Job is been made so easy from your working style to our payroll which is also done online. The Web reconstruction would take up to 10-15 business days but as soon as it is up and running you would be able to access it because it would be having a New URL GAteway...
Theodore Grant: can you introduce yourself
Peter Phan: Yes I can.
Peter Phan: My name is Peter Phan.  I'm a student of University of Houston majoring in Business Adminstration.  I'm halfway done. On my sparetime, I usually fiddle with computers and do a lot of reading.  Majority of my experiences come from a hospitality industry.
Theodore Grant: I am going to proceed with the interview session now..
Peter Phan: Okay.
Theodore Grant: Why do you want this job and are you currently employed?
Peter Phan: Truth is, I have some questions.
Theodore Grant: ok
Peter Phan: Where is this place located in Houston?
Theodore Grant: we are in NY
Peter Phan: What's the address?
Theodore Grant: do you need it now
Peter Phan: That would be great.
Peter Phan: Sorry if I sound rude Mr. Grant, but I'll be honest with you.  I'm a nerd, and it'll be hard like hell to scam me.
Theodore Grant is typing...
Theodore Grant: Theo Technicals is a growing firm that prides itself on its reputation,which its built over the years. We do not and will not entertain transactions to jeopadize this.
Peter Phan: Okay, address?
Peter Phan: What's taking so long?
Peter Phan: Seriously buddy, fuck off.
Peter Phan: Wasting people's time and scamming others for a living?
Peter Phan: And another thing, broke people are looking for jobs during these hard times.  I suggest you do too.
Peter Phan: You believe in karma?
Peter Phan: Cause it's gonna get your ass.
Peter Phan: Did I pass the interview?
Theodore Grant has signed out. (11/27/2009 3:27 PM)

Hahahaha, maybe I should of played stupid awhile longer.  The ad was for a manufacturing company and he's over here talking about computers.  And the website is down?  How convenient for these scammers.  Coulda been real and I just lost my job opportunity I've been seeking.  Oh well!  So be careful, lots of scams out there, and if any place doesn't have an address, W4 forms for you to fill out, phone numbers, or want personal information, specially SS#, don't give it out.  Always make sure to google the email and company name.  Make sure it's real.  Anyhow, Happy Thanksgiving and I'm back on the search.


  1. LOL!! Good Job! and Good Luck with the continued search.

  2. I sent my resume to them and I am supposed to email them at 8am 2moro morning for the "interview". Thanx 4 posting this up. I knew it was a scam bc they had so many grammatical errors when they replied to my email.

  3. i also sent my resume after the interview i got the job, everything is going on smoothly i don't think it a scam, somebody somewhere might be trying to tanish their image here i guess

  4. Whatever anonymous #3 you are probably theodore grant.

  5. I sent mine in also, did interview few minutes ago.Knew most likely a scam, but figured go along with it. As I was answering his question he asked, he just logged off in middle of interview. Thought how rude a ass he was. So that then told me. scam big time.

  6. LMFAO! I was just on the interview and said something to "Mr. Taylor" about this post and he signed out!!!

    Thank you - I knew something was up!

  7. what now he changed his name to "Mr. Taylor" LOL...what an idiot, they make it so obvious it's a scam.

  8. Anonymous # 3 said...

    "i also sent my resume after the interview i got the job"

    So wait a minute.. Anonymous #3. You sent your resume after the interview?! And they still hired you?! WOW. No wonder why things are going smoothly, you got scammed. Idiot.

  9. And no problems to all the other Anons and cari7218, just spreading the word. Good luck to all on the job hunt.

  10. if anonymous #3 supposedly got the job, why are people still being interviewed? Yeah i agree with the person who said it is probably theodore grant/Mr. Taylor or whatever his name is trying to deceive people.

  11. Small Business owners are largely forgotten. Thats why I only focus on them. I have experience several members of my family file bankruptcy due to small business failures. I also I suffered through 2 destroyed businesses due to failure however, in my failings I have learned some of the secrets to success. (Who can say they know it all?)

  12. This same thing just happened to me too...the name was Stephen Morgan, though. I didn't go through with the interview, but I did ask the name of the company and he never answered and then said "bye for now." I am disgusted.

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  14. I think I have been scammed as well. Here is the email I received:

    Our recruitment team received your resume for the Ad(Data Entry/Payroll Clerk) published on Craigslist and we are pleased with your qualifications. We have forwarded your details to the senior supervisor of CWW(Mr Kasper Rorsted ) and he would like to conduct an online interview with you to discuss your duties and pay scale with our company .If you interested in this position, set up a screen name with the yahoo instant messenger ( and add up the company screen name listed below......then You report online by 9:00am CST (7/6/2010) for interview . Contact Dr Rorsted via the email below to let him know if the time frame works for you.

    Company screen name with yahoo instant messenger:
    Supervisor email address

    If you got any problems feel free to email me back .

    HR Dept,
    Melissa Bruno
    HR Director..

  15. Same thing happened to me, they sent me a check to purchase supplies to work from home- got a check for 2,000 and then told him to fuck himself cuz it was obviously a scam....everything just kept adding up and was all too fishy, but what are they actually trying to scam? if its a legit check how are they avoiding me cashing it and taking their money?

    1. I know this is late, but in case anyone else doesn't know. The scam is that they give you a check for a large amount of money, then they tell you to send that money via Western Union. What happens is, that check will bounce and your personal money will be sent to WU. I had a friend that did this as a personal shopper scam, and there was nothing that could be done to get the money back.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  18. Oh my gosh, this as hilarious! So glad I found your blog. This same exact thing happened to me, but I never im'd the guy back b/c it was quite obvious it was a scam as well. This is what I was written back:


    You Resume was received and the human resources dept of the company reviewed your resume and they feel you are qualified for the job, a note of confirmation has been forwarded to the hiring team and we will need to test you online via yahoo IM (online interview ASAP).

    I want you to setup a Yahoo Messenger (IM) Add the hiring manager 'Mr Maurice Banks on this yahoo ID: for the interview commencement as soon as possible...He's Online now.


  19. I just got a scam, too, this person "Sheirly Adams" hiring me for $20/hr to do data entry job while I am a "graphic designer" LOL. I've been played stupid and here it goes

    Sheirly adams: How are you doing annd how was your day going?
    tungtran26: i'm doing good. Try to keep cool
    tungtran26: and you?
    Sheirly adams: i am here to conduct your interview for you and also to brief you more about this Job....
    Sheirly adams: Are you ready for it now?
    tungtran26: are we doing a video call?
    Sheirly adams: no it's a chatting interview
    tungtran26: alright. let's do it.
    Sheirly adams: Ok
    Sheirly adams: I am sheirly adams, i work for colgate. I will be taking you on the job interview and job briefings. You can ask any question , that is where you dont find clear, but the questions will be after the interview
    Sheirly adams: reconfirm your name and where are you located?
    Sheirly adams: Ok
    Sheirly adams: I hope you are aware that this is strictly an online work from home job, that is all job you will be doing will be done at your home...ok?
    tungtran26: yes
    Sheirly adams: Do you have any home working experience in the past?

    Sheirly adams: Are you seeking a full or part time job?
    tungtran26: yes
    tungtran26: full time
    Sheirly adams: Are you currently employed?
    tungtran26: no.
    Sheirly adams: If you get this job, will you be taking it as your primary or secondary job?
    tungtran26: primary.
    Sheirly adams: Have you heard the word MS WORD, EXCEL?
    Sheirly adams: Do you have an idea of how they are used?
    tungtran26: yes I have.
    tungtran26: and yes i know how to use them
    Sheirly adams: Have you taken a typing test in the past?

    tungtran26: yes.

  20. Sheirly adams: This work requires a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 5 hours daily, can you devote that to this job?
    tungtran26: no problem.
    Sheirly adams: and there are some BENEFITS: Health, Dental, Life and AD&D Insurance, Employee Wellness and 401k plans.Paid Time Off and Holidays with Generous Company Discounts

    tungtran26: cool.
    Sheirly adams: What do you understand by the word BUDGET?
    tungtran26: how much money should we have to spend?
    Sheirly adams: everything concerning money will be provided by the company ok
    Sheirly adams: Have you prepared a BUDGET in the past?
    tungtran26: I've been part of a team that prepared a budget.
    Sheirly adams: really...
    Sheirly adams: oh that's good
    Sheirly adams: Do you have a Printer, Electronic Typewritter, Fax Machine,Scanner, Photocopy machine, Ms Excel and a Time Tracker?

    tungtran26: I have all those except time tracker.
    Sheirly adams: that's very good
    Sheirly adams: In one sentence, tell us why we should hire you to work for us?

    tungtran26: Well, I'm a hard woker and not afraid to learn new thing and you can count on me every single time.
    Sheirly adams: Oh that's good of you
    Sheirly adams: Have you worked as a payroll officer in the past?
    tungtran26: no I haven't.
    Sheirly adams: ok

  21. Sheirly adams: This is an online position that does the following job: preparation of mini balance sheet, typing documents, transcribe data from source document, applying editorals on documents, entring datas please do let us know if you could handle the jobs above.
    Sheirly adams: This job offer is work from home,you can as well work from any where of your choice We are into (Oral Care)/Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Colgate Kids, Tooth Whitening, From the Dentist Supplies. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of independent dialysis providers around the world by leveraging today's most innovative technologies to deliver a full spectrum of high-quality services to the business community.

    Sheirly adams: We cater for a wide range of clients from partnerships to mid-sized corporations." Our staffs, specializes on establishing full and automated accounting departments essential for our clients running emerging businesses. Our focus is on practical administrative and accounting support services. This department (department hiring you), is a third party Bookkeeping and payment unit. We handle accounts, checks and balances of companies and clients that hired our services. Since its an online job, the working hours are flexible.

    tungtran26: i see.
    Sheirly adams: we are paying $20 per Hour we hope you are ok with that?

    Sheirly adams: all your assignments will be forwarded to you and submitted back by either fax, regular mail, email, phone or IM (instant messaging). All activities and corresponding time are to be recorded in excel spreadsheet. Thats how we access your work and process your pay. There is no payment required for getting started. All expenses are handled by the company. You are to take out taxes. The company pays you
    tungtran26: i see.
    Sheirly adams: i will need you to hold on let me quickly make a report to my superior officer as in regards to the interview conducted by me
    Sheirly adams: Hold on
    tungtran26: sure.
    Sheirly adams: we have reviewed the interview conducted and we have come to a conclusion

  22. Sheirly adams: I need you to be here by 9am tomorrow morning so that i can keep you posted on when you will receive the fund so that you can start work immidaitely ok
    tungtran26: ok
    Sheirly adams: Have a nice evening and hope working with you soon

    Few days later
    sheirlyadams: Are you there?
    tungtran26: hi
    tungtran26: I have recieved the check.
    tungtran26: what do I do next?
    sheirlyadams: ok how much is on the check?
    tungtran26: about 2,900
    sheirlyadams: Ok
    sheirlyadams: just go and deposit it and it will clear less than 24hours
    tungtran26: ok..and then?
    sheirlyadams: so as soon as you have the money with you, i will give you information to send for your working equipment to be ship to you, then you can start work immidaietly
    tungtran26: got it.
    sheirlyadams: you got the money?
    tungtran26: yes.
    sheirlyadams: ok
    sheirlyadams: can you go to the western union now to send it?
    sheirlyadams: do you have any around you?
    tungtran26: send it where?
    sheirlyadams: Ok Hold let me give you the information

  23. sheirlyadams: Name: Tony Johnson
    State: Kaula Lumpur
    Zip Code: 43000
    Country: Malaysia
    sheirlyadams: did you got that?
    tungtran26: yes.
    tungtran26: how much should I send?
    sheirlyadams: just take out the sending fee from it and send the rest
    tungtran26: long will i receive the equipment?
    sheirlyadams: just 3 days you will receive it
    sheirlyadams: they will use fast courier to send it to you
    tungtran26: ok.
    sheirlyadams: so how long will it take you to send it
    tungtran26: probably today.
    sheirlyadams: because you will have to send me the MTCN number, and text question and Answer if there is so that i can forward it to them In malaysia
    tungtran26: what's MTCN?
    sheirlyadams: the control Number it's 10digit number
    sheirlyadams: the confirmation number
    sheirlyadams: it's 10digit number
    tungtran26: ok..I'll text you.
    sheirlyadams: just send it to my email ok
    tungtran26: ok
    tungtran26: i got it....later
    sheirlyadams: ok

  24. Wow tungtran26,

    You took it super far, hahaha. I've been trying to find a way to take the scammer's money but so far found it to be impossible. :(

  25. Hey tungtran26....I may be in the same boat....sent you an IM request

  26. I wish I had seen this blog earlier because I fell from the same scam as tungtran26 except I did not cash the check from UPS with a fake florida address and sent from Granbury, Texas. Then I found this blog. When I asked to walk away from this and stated that I was not endorsing or cashing the check, they started to threaten my family. I need to know if anybody elee is being threatened like this by "Sheirly Adams" or if anybody is reporting this to legal authorities. Please let me know how to contact you on this blog if possible.

  27. I just got one of their emails for the second time and replied to it with nothing about a hundred times, just to maybe piss them off.

  28. this is weird. i don't get the point of these scams. i just did the interview and it went just like the conversation tungtran26 posted above. i'm just not gonna sign on tomorrow at 9am like they told me to and if they send me anything i'll throw it away.

  29. Another thanks for your blog. I believe that is more of the same...

    from dept. job
    to (insert my email)
    date Wed, Mar 2, 2011 at 8:15 AM
    subject Re: Application for Receptionist / Office Clerk
    hide details 8:15 AM (4 hours ago)
    Hello (insert my name) ,
    The Hiring Desk of the company has just reviewed your resume and we believe you have the required qualifications to undergo an online interview..

    To proceed with this RECEPTIONIST POSITION, you must undergo an online interview via yahoo messenger. You are required to have a yahoo instant messenger on your computer.

    I want you to setup a yahoo messenger (IM) if you don't have one and Instant Message me (Peter Smith) on my yahoo ID ( Asap for the interview so that you can get Started for the position.

    Hope to read back from you soon.

    Kind Regards
    Peter Smith

  30. Seemingly they change company names, etc..I got this email below as a response regarding my resume:
    Hello (My name),

    The Hiring Desk of the company has just reviewed your resume and we believe you have the required qualifications to undergo an online interview..

    To proceed with this Data Entry Clerk Position you must undergo an online interview via yahoo messenger. You are required to have a yahoo instant messenger on your computer.

    I want you to setup a yahoo messenger simply go to (IM) if you don't have one and Instant Message me (Mrs Edward) on my yahoo ID ( Asap for the interview so that you can get Started for the position.
    Hope to read back from you soon.

    Kind Regards
    Mr Edward Martinez
    initially he/she said that he/she is "Mrs" Edward....but at the end said that he/she is "Mr" Edward..
    I attempted to contact this person via IM just to complete the "interview" so that I could post it here but they never responded....

  31. Same thing has happened to me but i may be able to catch the scammers... :) they got flagged for fraud by fed-ex
    my convo today was:
    boss :


    boss :

    i just called

    did you get my email and the check?

    are you here?

    i haven't gotten anything no

    i havne't gotten a check yet no sir and the connection was bad i'm sorry
    boss :

    someone called M.BOLDING signed for it

    may have been someone in the post office my address is a p o box
    boss :

    this is the address i sent it to

    3705 n chambers rd apt. 337 Aurora CO 80011

    is that the correct address?

    that's the correct address yes
    boss :


    did you get my email?

    okay i'll go to the desk hold on and no i haven't recieved an email
    boss :

    can you go pick it up while i resend you the email?

    got my email?

    and this is the email

    Hello Jessica,
    I want to bring it to your attention, that the Checks which you would be using to cover the expenses of your sign on bonus and purchasing the accounting soft wares plus the shipping expenses for the office supplies and equipment has been sent out to you...It will be deliver to you via FedEx delivery this morning and here is the FedEx Tracking # 875718836552.You are to cash the Check at your bank. Below are the instructions you are to follow on how to spend the cash after you must have withdraw the funds at your bank today;
    * $150 For BS 1 Accounting software
    * $200 For Peach Tree Software US Patent Single Users Pack
    * You deduct $300 for your self as your sign on Bonus including your delay bonus.
    The remaining balance should be sent to the shipping agent who will ship out your mini office equipment and supplies..You are to send the remaining balance via western union money transfer to this name and address...

    ADDRESS : 1960 13th Ave Drive
    City : Hickory
    State : North Carolina
    Zip code : 28601

    Immediately you send the balance you are to send me the details of the western union transfer details that include the 10 digit #(M.T.C.N. #) via email to me so I can forward it to the shipping agent for her to pick it up and ship the necessary office equipment immediately.I want you to understand that the charges for the western union money transfer should be deducted from the remaining balance..
    Send me an email as your confirmation that you understand the above instructions.

    Kind Regards,

    Peter Smith

  32. Good job, hope it works out.. with address and everything.

  33. Greetings to all,
    I as well received a reply from a suspicious source claiming that my qualifications match their criteria. The source email was from a so called “Peter Smith” (of course). I suspected some type of scam lurking and I decided to do a little research and came across your blog post. Thank you everyone for sharing all the information and experiences. The way some of you have described the method of operations by these worthless scums is apparent enough to indicate that it is indeed a scam. Just the use of the word “Western Union” should raise a bright red flag. I come from a strong banking / financial background and have seen these kinds of scams take multiple shapes and forms. However, in virtually all of them the unsuspecting victim is advised that they will receive a “check”, fraudulent albeit, with instructions to deposit it at their financial institution and then withdraw a portion of the funds for it to be send back to the originator via Western Union in most cases. But, this is what truly happens: If the bank teller or banking official fails to recognize that the check is a fraud (because you deposited it thru the ATM machine) there is a small chance that the funds will be released within your account. You then proceed to send them the CASH via Western Union. After a few days, the bank’s back office will realize that the check is a fraudulent one in nature because it cannot be cashed from the issuing source. Then YOU realize that something has gone terribly wrong when your bank account has a NEGATIVE balance of maybe -$1,900 up to -$4,900 (I have come across much higher amounts though). At that point your friendly banker asks you to return the money back. The problem is that if you were one of the clueless ones, you would have sent the money as per the instructions you were given. If you cannot pay the money back, your account gets closed and sent to collections thereby ruining your otherwise decent credit rating. This is just a caveat emptor for everyone out there. Trust your instincts and your common sense. Just like Craiglists warns everyone: “beware of any dealings that involve sending cash or payments via WESTERN UNION”. An interview via IM or email? C’mon! Most legitimate companies will do at a bare minimum a telephone interview. They will also have legitimate contact information (i.e., address; both physical and email.) I hope this information gives everyone out there a heads up. And remember: If it smells like a SCAM, more than likely that is what it is. Take care and good luck to everyone with their employment search efforts.

  34. I just received the same scam email today, which led me to this blog. I already knew it was bogus, what job emails someone back at 12am? LOL. I trashed the email. If they contact me again, I will tell them off!! BTW, the grammar was a bit off and in the begining of the email the writer indicated that I would be interview by a woman "she" at the end of the email, the writer wrote "he". Geez, at least be consistent!

    Anyway, good job all. I wish you all the bes n your job hunt. Its tough out here with this pathetic economy.

  35. Thanks for posting. They are at it again. This time it is for a Data Entry/Accounting related. Personell94 is the IM and Peter Smith is the name. I checked the profile and the city states that he is in my city but his grammar advises me otherwise.

  36. Yup, have the same thing happen to me. I'll be reporting all this to my Dad, who happens to be a high ranking police officer. I have the convos saved, they said they're sending me a check, I'll be giving that straight to the police. This is such a shame. I fell for it for a milisecond because I'm desperate for a job. But as soon as I logged on to yahoo I knew otherwise......

  37. I was texted this morning by a She said she was contacting me due to the resume I posted on She later texted me that I had been selected for an online interview for the following positions available in the company: accounting clerk/customer service clerk/data entry clerk and book keeper. A further message said "you are needed to have me added to your Yahoo Messenger list for more information, job briefing and interview." After later connecting by Yahoo Messenger she said hi and shortly after mentioned that she had a meeting to attend and that we would reconvene at 9am the next morning.
    No mention of location or company name.
    I typed "tanya rollings" into Google and was directed here by another similar blog.
    Thanks for the postings. I hope this posting also helps others.

  38. Crap I just got scammed >.< lol! This one said the job was in Pearland tx but the exact words from what yours looked like via yahoo IM. just a little name changed. I got 4 sentences and said you stupid scammer get a life! You have to be careful with craigslist.

  39. I applied for several jobs and got the same kind of response but did not respond to any. The second they said that the interview was over yahoo instant messenger i knew it was a scam. No self respecting company would ever interview via IM. Also the fact that all the jobs were different but had the almost the same exact response filled the whole room with the scent of bullshit!!!

  40. Wow! I need a job but so glad I saw this blog before falling for this sh!t. Below is the email I got. I knew it was too good to be true.

    Good Day Applicant,

    Your resume has been reviewed by our HR Department in reference to our ad posted on for Customer Service Representative position and we
    believe you are capable of handling this position based on your resume. Your details has been forwarded to Ms Elizabeth Foster (Hiring Manager). She would be conducting an online interview with you to discuss the Job Details, Pay Scale and Benefits, etc.You are to set up a screen name with yahoo instant messenger at ( and add up the company Hiring Manager's yahoo screen name ( and instant message her for an online interview/briefing exercise. The schedule time for the interview/briefing exercise will be today October 12th 2011. You are to be available on yahoo messenger as soon as possible for the interview, your swift and timely response matters a lot to this position as the job starts ASAP.
    I wish you best of luck.

    Glocom Ltd.

  41. damn ! my girl got scammed too ! thank god i found this blog ..... Peter Smith strikes again , anyone who get a craigslist job interview with a IM interview don't waste your time ! Peter Smith you F@@ckin Douche B ! get a life

  42. Thanks for the insight everyone. I got caught up too. thanks to this blog and specifically the anon commenter who posted about the way the scam works exactly. Be careful folks. Worthless poo-bags will waist your time and money without second thought! May they all find metal bats at their ribs and knees one day.

  43. Same here guys I recieved the same email below, but instanly googled when they asked me to add them to my yahoo im account....what respectable company would do that? Instant red flag for me. Thanks for all the posting we gotta look out for one another! Good luck all!! MY eamil is posted below....

    Good Day,
    Dear applicant, we apologize for the delay in response, as in regards to your resume that was forwarded to our head department for the Accounting /Administrative Clerk position, The Hiring Desk has reviewed your resume for the Data Entry/ Accounting /Administrative Clerk position and we believe you have the required qualifications to proceed. This is a Accounting /Administrative Clerk position,Working hours are from 8am-3pm,Monday-Friday.The starting pay is $25 /hr for this Accounting /Administrative Clerk position, you are also expected to come online through Yahoo Messenger during working hours.

    I want you to setup a yahoo messenger and if you got one already use it, add Mr Robbin May the Hiring Manager and IM him on this ID ( asap for the interview/briefing and comprehensive job details.This is our first step to proceed further. Interview Schedule date/time is on Friday 28th of October @ 8am to 4pm ..He will be on online waiting for you.
    Best Regards
    Human Resources


  44. This just happened to me today, I found it weird and I am glad I found this blog. Is there anything that can be done by the cops? I am in Toronto Canada and have worked in HR. Such a recruitment process would never take place. Telephone interviews on the other hand are more common. Voice is a big part of determining fit. Something needs to be done about this.

  45. lmao. I applied to like five of these jobs and I got the same email from all five but with different names. too funny. Im going to start my own company F looking for a job. Im coming back for everyone on here when i begin hiring so we can all make some real money....wait...everyone is anonymous! lol. blessings on your job journeys!!

  46. Everyone is anon except for me. ;b

    Anyhow I'm glad this post has lasted as long as it did and helped out so many. And as far as a messenger interview it is uncommon, but I had a friend who got a real job via video conference. But then again that was video conference where he saw his employer and they saw him. Keep educating the public and screw the scammers.

    Thanks to everyone who contributed.

  47. Being unemployed, I don't have a lot to do, so I let this play out to see if I could catch him in a lie, or sort out a way to turn the scam around on him.
    Shame on him for using a non-profit for his scam cover.

    rotaryboard: How are you?
    duir_darren: very well thank you.
    duir_darren: How are you this morning?
    HR Dept: Great
    HR Dept: And you?
    duir_darren: Very well , thank you.
    HR Dept: Is this a perfect time to conduct the interview?
    duir_darren: Over instant message, right now?
    HR Dept: Yes
    duir_darren: Yes, I suppose right now would be fine
    HR Dept: OK
    HR Dept: Are you above 21?
    duir_darren: Yes
    HR Dept: OK
    HR Dept: I am going to ask you few questions and i need you to answer them briefly
    duir_darren: OK
    HR Dept: 1)Tell me about yourself(including your name and location)
    2)Have you ever worked as a customer service specialist?
    3)Are you aware that this is a work from home job offer?
    4)Do you know your clerical/office speed?
    5)How good are you in multi-tasking?
    6)Are you a team player?
    7)Briefly explain the meaning of "Confidentiality Code of Practice"how does it apply to customer service ethic?
    8)Are you interested in a fulltime or part time offer?Both positions are open
    9)Are you a Veteran,have you ever done voluntary work?
    10)Why should we hire you?

  48. duir_darren: 1) My name is ███████████, I am a ████ graduate with a Bachelors degree in business management.
    duir_darren: 2) Yes, I have worked in both client services and customer service at my last two jobs, respectively.
    duir_darren: 3) Yes I am aware that this is a work from home job position, and that is perfectly satisfactory for me.
    duir_darren: 4) If by that you mean my typing speed, it is roughly 50 wpm
    duir_darren: 5) I am excellent at multi tasking, my life as a student as taught me to excel at handling multiple priorities simultaneously.
    duir_darren: 6) Yes, I am definitely a team play, and I enjoy being part of a team success.
    duir_darren: 7) Confidentiality Codes vary from one profession to another, but generally speaking, it is imperative to maintain customer trust and fidelity that any and all customers private information must be kept strictly confidential.
    duir_darren: 8) I would be most interested in part time, if the hours are over 20-25/ week, otherwise, I would prefer full time.
    duir_darren: 9) I am not a veteran, however I have done some volunteer work, at various time I have worked with animal shelters, nursing homes, and special needs children.
    duir_darren: 10) You should hire me because I am educated, experienced, and very motivated to do an excellent job. I am talented working with people, and very capable doing office and clerical tasks, as well as multitasking and problem solving, particularly when it requires thinking outside the box.
    HR Dept: OK
    HR Dept: This is good
    HR Dept: Please be informed that the board and management of Rotary Intl. find you qualified for this position.This implies that you will be hired prior to further assessment and completion of your training
    duir_darren: OK
    HR Dept: Please read this short briefing,it explains everything you need to know about the hiring and training process
    A fulltime position implies working for 8 hours daily(40hours/Mon-Fri).However,this is very flexible and allows you to take care of personal issues while working

    A parttime position implies working for 4 hours daily(20hours/Mon-Fri).However,this is very flexible and allows you to take care of personal issues while working

    Once you get started,we will help you set up a mini office in your home by linking you to our call center office in New York and your job will include the following,receiving inbound calls from old and new members,enter personal data from every caller into our system and also provide details about Rotary and what we do when neccessary.
    HR Dept: Salary and Benefit/Training:
    You will earn $18 /Hour and you will receive your pay through check weekly.
    Job benefit includes Medical and will be effective only after 3 months in office.

  49. There will be a 4 day training.The training is divided into 2 phases,The first phase will commence tomorrow and the 2nd phase of training will commence in 2 days time after your office is in good order and equiped with all the needed equipment.More details will be provided at the end of this briefing.
    You will be paid $200 as start up bonus to compensate you for the training.
    HR Dept: Office Setup:
    We will make provision for the following items.
    (1)laptop with Intel® Core™ i7-720QM Quad Core Processor 1.6GHz (2.8GHz Turbo Mode, 6MB Cache) Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit, English 1000 GB1 SATA Hard Drive (7200RPM) 9GB4 Shared Dual Channel DDR3 at 1066MHz Microsoft® Office Starter 2010
    (2)Quick books (Pro 2011 version)
    (3)T-Mobile Secured Modem(TSN)
    (4)Epson - WorkForce Pro GT-S50 Sheetfed Scanner
    (5) Brother - IntelliFax Laser Fax/ Copier/ Printer
    HR Dept: We prefer to provide these items regardless of the fact that you might already have them.The reason being:
    1)We dont know if your equipment will be compatible
    2)We dont encourage the use of personal property for our organisation 3)We dont know the status and efficiency of your equipment and cannot afford to have techincal issues when you resume.

    NB:You will receive a check payment to cover the cost of this office equipment .It will be cashed at your bank and we will refer you to a store where you will buy all the needed equipment and you will make payment to them in cash via western union
    HR Dept: Training will start by 8:00am tomorrow on YM.It is divided into 2 phases.The 1st phase of training will be research based and it is to start by 8:00am tomorrow and the 2nd phase training will be practical and will start from your new mini office
    duir_darren: ok
    HR Dept: Do you have any question?
    duir_darren: what store will the necessary equipment need to be purchased from?
    HR Dept: We buy from so many stores and we will refer you to the store with the best offer after evaluating
    HR Dept: Any other question?
    duir_darren: OK , will it be a local store , or will I be ordering the equipment?
    HR Dept: You will be ordering it,it will be easy ok
    duir_darren: Also, my bank has very specific rules on cashing unknown checks, what bank is you check going to be issued from, and will it be a cashiers check?
    HR Dept: It is a cashiers check and we understand the 1-2 days hold
    duir_darren: OK that's good then.
    duir_darren: Is there a phone number I can reach your office at in case I have any pressing issues?
    HR Dept: Ok,I will give that to you on Mon
    duir_darren: , ok
    HR Dept: K
    duir_darren: So, what now?
    HR Dept: See you by 8am on Monday
    duir_darren: here on IM again, yes?
    HR Dept: Yes
    duir_darren: Ok, Thank You.
    HR Dept: Ok bye

  50. ↑↑ Should I talk to him again and see how this plays out?

  51. hey guys :)

    I just got scam too and I went thru the same interview and i even got the cheque but I havent cashed it out should I been giving that cheque to the police so they can look into..

  52. thanks for the posting! very useful information

  53. Ahhh man I got scammed well mine came from GLOCOM ltd but i googled their company name & a legitimate website came up so idk im not really sure if its a scam or not but the interview was indeed via yahoo messenger :( free! I supposedly start training via yahoo messenger at 9 so i guess I'm gonna see what really is up ! Pray for me cuz if its a scam I'M GOING HAM!

    1. Wow! Sir/mam, I hope I can be of contact as it seems like we both work for the same company. Please do email me or reply back here as I too am hoping this is not a scam.
      Thank you so much.

    2. Also, what is the url to the legitimate website? Thank you.

  54. hello

    HR Dept (06 Feb 12:23):‎ Hello
    HR Dept (06 Feb 12:23):‎ I received your e-mail

    maggiekeefe1978 (06 Feb 12:23):‎ Why are you trying to scam me?

    HR Dept (06 Feb 12:23):‎ Scam?

    maggiekeefe1978 (06 Feb 12:23):‎ all I wanted was a job
    maggiekeefe1978 (06 Feb 12:24):‎ and you are trying to scam me

    HR Dept (06 Feb 12:24):‎ No i am not
    HR Dept (06 Feb 12:24):‎ Why will i

    maggiekeefe1978 (06 Feb 12:25):‎

    maggiekeefe1978 (06 Feb 12:25):‎ don't contact me again and I have notified calgary job shop about your scam

  55. I received a similar email stating they got my resume from the AIPB(bookkeeping) website. But there was no company name and next time it said 'Channel C Solutions' No sign of such a name on the internet or linked in or facebook.
    I was online for the chat, but was asked to wait and log on in 3 hours. I will, just to see what they want.
    After reading through these posts all I can say, it is sad to see that scammers want to make money off people who are looking for work.

  56. Thanks for the information. Job applicants should really be careful with scams. When you personally apply, you get rid of the possibility of being scammed. And when you face your employers, you should know what to say. Interview Coaching Calgary could help you a lot.

  57. Hi This just happened to me this morning. I did not realize the scam until Western Union was mentioned. Should have realized much earlier, because English is my second language, and the mistakes that the "interviewer" was making were the same ones I was making in the beginning, this was clearly not a native English speaker. For everyone's information, here are the accounts they were attempting to scam me from:

    Lora Williams at
    Susan Snsnowy at

    They said they were from the company However, with a closer look at the company's website, I saw a disclaimer about how that company don't post on public job boards (the add came from... surprise!! ...craigslist. lol)

  58. Well, I just got a reply for a job listing by one "Peter Smith" at, and I saw that this was a scam right from the beginning. When an employer asks for an interview, Yahoo! Instant Messenger, no offense Yahoo!, is the LAST PLACE in the world in this day and age where an interview would be set up.

    Well, I told the interview something along the lines of "Hey, look here, I don't have time for an interview today...what about tomorrow?". Now most legitimate corporations, especially in today's market where Corporate America calls the shots, simply would not take this kind of abuse and just tell you that they have decided to move forward with someone else. What kind of company goes after someone with an attitude problem? LOL

    Just be aware of any ads that have funny symbols like "@" instead of bullets next to sentences or descriptions because the scammers are usually from a 3rd world country and their technology and computer skills are not up to par with ours, so their postings are sometimes compromised.

    Just be careful out there people and ALWAYS ask questions, and NEVER give out personal information like a social security number or a credit rating employer needs any of your personal information until a job offer has been accepted and you are at your new position in person for the first day!


  59. I actually got this one twice. Once, I responded I was unable to attend their "interview," and I didn't receieve an answer back. Today, I got it again. I think it's totally weird that someone would perform a job interview over Yahoo Messenger. Not to mention the email said the start up pay was $25 per hour. No signature, either. Just "Hiring department" and "name." Weirdsville.

  60. Oh, and in addition to my previous comment, the email started with "Dear Applicant."

  61. My email: came in as me,Home as the sender, I already feel scammed! We should get them back

  62. onlineinterview1:
    How are you doing this morning ?
    Fine and you
    I am alright thanks for asking.
    I am Mr Williams Taylor I received my B.A. in French from Louisiana State University in Eunice, LA just west of New Orleans. I also studied accounting at the University of New Orleans. I have been with the AEG company for three years now. I work for an accounting team and I am here to briefly interview you about the opening position.Are you ready for the job briefing and interview ?
    yes sir
    Have you done an online interview before ?
    No I have not
    Are you currently employed ?
    No I am currently a student
    AEG would like to welcome you to their company.
    The name of the company is AEG and the company website is We recommend you take a good look around and get a feel for our company before we start the interview process. Please let me know when you are ready to begin.
    What ?
    This is a link with information about you and describing this as a scam
    My God
    Who is doing all this ?
    Thats a big lie
    could be, there's plenty more websites saying the same
    i will see to that but i want you to know i will never come here to hurt anyone and this is a legitimate company, have a nice day
    And am sorry about this.

    Then he logged off. My question is if he was sorry and had done no wrong why would he log off instead of finish the interview?

  63. wow well do anyone know of jobs that r hiring n is not a scam work from home

  64. Dear Applicant.

    Our recruiting team has reviewed your resume on( for the Administrative & Clerical/Accounting & Finance position that you are

    yet to occupy and we believe you would be capable of handling this position. Your detail has been forwarded to the Human Resources Department and the Head of Operations Mrs. Ashely Howard would be conducting an interview with you to discuss the job detail, pay scale, benefit and briefing about

    the opening in our company. This is an immediate hire position therefore the interview is tomorrow Tuesday 7/3/2012 starting from 8am-4pm your time. Set up a Screen name with yahoo Instant Messenger online at and if you have one already use it and add up the Head Of Operation's screen name: to your buddy list.

    Email Address:

    She will be waiting to talk to you on yahoo messenger right away.
    Endeavor to get online Tomorrow 8am your time. I wish you the best of

    Luck with the Interview. If you have any questions, Please feel

    free to email Mrs. Ashely Howard for more details.


    Human Resource Department

  65. Thank Goodness for these Blogs.
    They are trying is this in Medical fields now...
    Emailed to me this morning

    Hello Applicant,
    The Human resources have just reviewed your resume .You are now
    scheduled for an interview with the hiring manager of the company.She
    Ms.wright clark the company's HR manager,you are required to setup a yahoo mail
    account( and a yahoo instant messenger
    ( After this process is done,you are to
    add up his yahoo id ( to your yahoo buddy list
    for the interview.

    Company name:GLOCOM
    Interview Schedule: ASAP
    Interview Venue: Online via Yahoo IM( 9am-4pm ) daily your time
    We have openings for Data Entry,Admin Assistant,Receptionist,AP/AR positions
    Compensation: $22 per hour
    Working time: Mon-Sat 9am-4pm ( Hours are flexible )

    Benefits include: Health Insurance, Dental,holidays and lunch off paid etc...
    NOTE: Full time and Part time position
    Send an instant via yahoo messenger to :
    Interview Schedule: ASAP online.. (Anytime you are ready )
    Interview Venue: Online via Yahoo IM ( 9am your time- 4pm )

    Hiring Dept.

    1. Omg! Same exact email I had lol. I went through the interview even though I had a feeling it was a scam already. But I just played dumb. At the end of the interview, it seemed like "she" was going to give me the job when I said, "Hopefully this isn't the same GLOCOM LTD that has been scamming everyone." Then she signed out. How obvious.

  66. the info on this blog has been so very helpful..

    as an fyi, I've been out of work for almost six months, and out of desperation I posted my resume to a couple of supposedly legitimate work sites... now, all of a sudden, I am getting random b.s. texts at all hours of the day and night, all with my FIRSTNAMELASTNAME in all caps and run together.

    so in addition to the junk emails I'm getting, I am guessing these a-holes are now fishing via text messages to mobile devices :-(

    jerks! preying upon those in need of honest work!!!

    thought y'all might be interested in this new mode of attack.

  67. I also fell victim to this type of scam. I applied on for an Accounting job with (legitimate company).

    I had the IM interview with a Peter Smith ( He ended up sending me a "check" via payment service,, and told me to wire the money to someone in PA. When they said I needed to spend personal funds, I got very suspicious and stopped contacting Peter.

  68. Just got one of these today...I have no idea which application, job board or agency my information was procured from, since I have applied for dozens of positions in the last several weeks. Anybody know how to avoid being at risk to receive these emails? Thanks. PS -- Geez, the least these crooks could do is learn to write and spell English properly!! I guess I'm glad they don't--it's a helpful red flag, anyway.

  69. Oh, here's the email I received and my reply to the scammers:

    From: Home Dpt
    To: (me)
    Sent: Friday, September 21, 2012 10:33 AM
    Subject: Re: (me) - Office Assistant
    Dear Applicant,
    Our recruitment team received your resume for the Ad(Office Assistant) and we are pleased with your qualifications.
    We have forwarded your details to the Head of Operation Manager (Mrs Lora Williams) and she would like to conduct an online interview with you to discuss your duties and pay scale with our company.
    If you interested in this position, set up a screen name with the yahoo instant messenger ( and add her up on the screen name listed below screen name listed below......then You are to report online for the interview as soon as you receive this message. Contact Mrs Lora via the email below to
    let her know if the time frame works for you.
    Screen name with yahoo instant messenger: (interviewmanager78)
    interviewer email address :
    I Wish you the best of Luck on the Interview. If you have any problem,
    Please feel free to email back .

    HR Dept

    On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 9:40 PM, (me)> wrote:


    I am writing to apply for the Office Assistant position open in the (deleted) area where I reside.

    With more than 15 years of experience in (deleted) for three Fortune 500 firms, my skill range is wide.

    I believe I would be a valuable asset because I have strong organizational ability, a seasoned professional and personable communication style, and a passionate commitment to excellence!
    Additionally, I truly understand what it means to focus on internal and external customer experience as a top priority, while contributing to profitable operations and maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality and integrity.

    I am looking for a full-time position outside my previous industry in order to secure more stable employment with evenings and holidays at home.

    I have attached my resume for your review. I have excellent professional and past employer references, and I would welcome the chance to speak with you. Thank you!

    Best Regards,

    My reply after seeing this scam blog (thank you for posting)
    From: (me)
    To: Home Dpt
    Sent: Friday, September 21, 2012 10:58 AM
    Subject: Re: (me) - Office Assistant

    You freaking foreign criminal. May GOD forgive you or kill your family for trying to hurt me. PS -- Learn to write proper English. Your spelling, grammar and punctuation is that of a brainless pig.

  70. I just got scammed as well

    Hello Applicant

    The Human resources have just reviewed

    your resume .You are now scheduled for an interview with the hiring manager of the company.He's Mr Mark Magnus the company's H R manager,you are required to setup a yahoo mail account( and a yahoo instant messenger ( After this process is done,you are to add up his yahoo id ( to your yahoo buddy list for the interview.
    Company Name: GLOCOM
    Interview Schedule: ASAP
    Interview Venue: Online via Yahoo IM ( 9am-4pm )
    daily your time We have openings for Receptionist,data
    Entry, accountant, Admin
    Assistant,AP/AR positions
    Compensation: $22 per hour
    Working time: Mon-Sat 9am-4pm ( Hours are flexible )
    Benefits include: Health Insurance, Dental,holidays and lunch off paid etc...
    NOTE: Full time and Part time position
    Send an instant via yahoo messenger to :
    Interview Schedule: ASAP online.. (Anytime you are ready )
    Interview Venue: Online via Yahoo IM ( 9am your time- 4pm )

    Hiring Dept.

    I am so stupid and I actually talked to this guy on Yahoo messenger for a long time.
    These are what this person asked me

    What are your full names? *Location?
    *Why do you want to work for GLOCOM.
    *I would be interested to hear about an occasion when your work or an idea was criticized, what was criticized, who criticized you, and how did you handle it?
    How important is communication and interaction with others on your job? How many departments did you deal with? What problems occurred?
    *Tell me what "success" means to you.
    *What does "failure" mean to you?
    *What is your greatest strength/weakness or deficiency?
    *What motivates you to do your best work?

    Then this guys sends me
    "You are to remain online and be close to your Computer and i will be back asap with the Company's decision on your interview"

    "After review of answers you have provided during your INTERVIEW,The company believes you have the knowledge,skills,experience and ability to handle this job position..."
    The company has decided to employ you with immediate effect and you are to resume work Tomorrow.but you will have to under-go some training right here on line ok starting from tomorrow
    You will be placed on 3days training which will take place online ,9am daily through yahoo messenger.
    Your Duties will include:
    Order sorting
    Account Reconciliation
    Shipment Notification
    Taking down orders from clients via phone,internet and fax..
    Your pay for this job is $22(USD),Part time is 4 hrs while full time is 7 hrs daily,which do you prefer?

    This crap.

    Thank for this post.!!!!
    I was googling while interviewing and glad to find this post about GLOCOM CRAP

  71. Hi, I just did the same thing!!! Went along with it while googling information. Couldn't find anything in time and so I went through the interview and everything else. Only after agreeing to receive the check and bla bla bla, I found this blog and immediately contacted back the scammer (he was still on line) and told him that I didn't want to do it anymore. He wrote "ok, have a nice day". Now, I read on this blog about a family getting threatened... is that true? Is my family in danger? I told the guy not to send me any chech, but if they do anyway, I just don't cash the check. Is this sufficient not to get in troubble?? Thanks!

  72. I received one from Richard Smith.

    I thought it was a scam since NO ONE has used yahoo messenger instant messaging in ages.

    Once you tell the person that you think it is a scam, they log off. He wasn't interviewing me at the time he said.

    Looked pretty legit....
    told the position, the pay, was in professional format.
    At the end it said to get yahoo messenger and that I would be interviewed at 9am today.

    Scam! They wasted my time.

  73. these scammers seem to love 8 am!!!!!

  74. Same scam....the guys name MARK ELDRIDGE. His/Her email MARKELDRIDGE990@YAHOO.COM. His phone number 903-354-7455 (TX). Company name used AUTO DESK INC.

  75. I got scammed too. I gave them my addess!! Omg I'm scared now...

  76. I'm glad I saw your blog - really glad for any other people that may be helped out by seeing it before even THINKING about responding to some of these "follow ups" from job listings!

    I replied to a job posting on craigslist and was emailed and told to contact a Hiring Manager under the screen name The email was from a "Patti Hines" under the email address

    They sent the email at 6am for an 8am IM interview same day (RED FLAG)
    The biggest red flag, though, was that they sent the email on a Saturday morning during a holiday weekend. Craziness. I never responded and days later decided to google the situation. So, here I am adding mralexanderfulcher in case other people search the screen name.

  77. hey i got this email today and i am not sure if its scam, which is why i wanted your inputs :Dear Applicant,

    Your resume has been reviewed by our HR Department in reference to our AD posted on for the position of a Office Assistant / Receptionist / Customer Service and we believe you are capable of handling this position based on your resume. Your details has been forwarded to Mr Alexander Fulcher one of the (Hiring Manager) He would be conducting an online interview with you to discuss the Job Details, Pay Scale,Benefits and company etc.

    You are to set up a screen name with yahoo instant messenger at ( and add up the company Hiring Manager's yahoo screen name( and instant message him for an online interview/briefing exercise.

    The schedule time for the interview/briefing exercise is tomorrow Wednesday 8am your time , You are to be available on yahoo messenger between the hours of 8am - 5pm your time for the interview, Your swift and timely response to this position matters a lot as the job interview starts by 8am. I wish you best of luck in the interview.

    Best regard
    HR Department
    Jack Smith